About Stuart

Stuart McPhee

Stuart holds current ‘Expert’ Rules certification from the USGA and is a professional referee on the PGA Tour of Australasia.  He has refereed at National and State Championships in Australia.He is the co-host of the #1 golf podcast dedicated solely to discussing the Rules of Golf: The Golf Rules Questions Podcast, listened to by Tour Referees around the world.
As a former Australian Army Officer, he is an accomplished presenter and trainer who was selected as an instructor for the US Army for two years – a position where he was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal.

In Stuart’s Advanced Rules Clinic, participants will delve into a wide array of techniques and strategies designed to enhance their familiarity with the Rules of Golf and bolster their confidence during competitions, particularly in match play. Throughout the clinic, your members will acquire a comprehensive understanding of the subtle yet pivotal distinctions between the Rules governing stroke play and match play. empowering them to assert and safeguard their rights as a player when they don’t see eye to eye with their opponent.


The clinic will thoroughly explore the intricacies and nuances underpinning the Rules, equipping participants with a deeper comprehension of the fundamental principles, procedures, and penalties. We will recreate a variety of real-life scenarios on the golf course and have an environment ripe for questions and lively discussions. This interactive approach ensures that players gain a comprehensive grasp of the Rules and how to gain a competitive edge.


Key topics covered in the clinic include Rules specific to four-ball and foursomes, critical rules exclusive to match play, commonly misunderstood procedural rules, the intricacies of provisional balls that often lead to confusion, effective resolution of Rules issues by players and the Committee, the different statuses a ball can assume and their corresponding Rules, and procedural matters encompassing placing, replacing, and dropping a ball.