About Marcela

Marcela Smith

Marcela first picked up a golf club at the age of 40 through the strong encouragement of a friend. Despite a long and slow learning curve, she eventually learned how to hit a few shots down the fairway and became enamored with the game.
While the challenges of golf keep her hooked, it’s the sense of community and friendship that has made her a lifelong fan. The sport has taken her to incredible destinations, and introduced her to some of her closest friends (including rules expert David Blake).
After experiencing confusion about her options for an unplayable lie in a bunker during a tournament at Pebble Beach (where all four players and a professional caddie disagreed) Marcela became determined to master the rules. Marcela has earned an Advance certification from the USGA and now teaches golfers the rules of golf at courses around the world.
Marcela is dedicated to helping players gain confidence, improve their scores, and have more fun on the golf course.